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Hi… I’m Graham McCorkill… Founder at Kuboom10X

I help first-time tech founders fast-track their Startup Success.

What do I mean when I say ‘Tech Founder’?

Do you have an idea for a new mobile app or web app or SaaS platform – or, really any software product?

Then, you are a potential Tech Founder!

Tech founders are natural innovators.

You possess an inherent ability to imagine a better way of doing things. When you come across a problem, your mind starts buzzing with ideas:

  • There should be an app for that…
  • Why am I stuck with this outdated approach?
  • Hasn’t someone created a better solution?

And, then YOU DO!

Tech founders are also entrepreneurs in the truest sense.

You are a doer…

You understand an idea alone holds little value – It’s the execution that truly matters.

This sets you apart from mere “want-repreneurs.”

Your bias towards action is self-evident.

You’re willing to take calculated risks to create new value for your customers or users… And ultimately, for yourself and your family.

You are extraordinary!

Here’s the one problem… Your bias for action may get you into trouble, especially if you are a first-time tech founder.


Because, when building a tech product or tech startup, there are many unique challenges that can derail the whole venture, even before it takes off.

The unvarnished truth – 91% of all first-time tech founders fail.

The good news… These mistakes are easily avoided and you can 10X your chance of success if you have a proven ‘roadmap’ to guide you through these early stages.

My goal is to help you defy the odds and become one of the star founders who turn their startup dream into reality

Three ways I can help you…

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